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Podcast: Transgender Athlete Visibility and Representation

The debut episode of Tara Seplavy's pinkbluewhite podcast

pinkbluewhite is a podcast that centers topics and discussions happening in the activity, sport, and business of cycling on the communities most affected by them. Host Tara Seplavy brings over 25 years’ expertise in bikes as an athlete, leading product development for brands, managing race teams, and being an activist for diversity, inclusion, and equity in cycling.

pbw put real faces and voices to these topics to connect in a real and meaningful way. It is important to make space and provide a platform to riders from all different parts of the cycling landscape. Our podcasts are a “no drop ride”; everyone on our panel brings an important voice and their contribution is valued. The discussions we have are fact based, informative, and centered on the community’s lived experiences. While some discussions might be difficult to have, we want to have them with good faith and sincerity.

The premiere episode of pinkbluewhite brings together four transgender cyclists—Kiwi DH racer Kate Weatherly, Kris Hunt, a mechanic and mountain bike racer based in Vermont, Kieran Campbell, a youth cycling leader based in Philly and Jessica, a junior racer in New England—to talk about visibility and representation for trans athletes in the bike space. Recorded on Trans Day of Visibility, we talk about why visibility is important, some realities of being a trans athletes in the US and globally, and the ongoing legislation in the US and how it affects those in the racing community.

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