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Brendan Fairclough Still on Scott Bikes

The legendary rider, racer, and all around sergeant of steez signs up for three more years with Scott.

In a stroke of Genius, Scott Sports signs renowned rider, Brendan Fairclough for another three years. Supporting Brendan in his elite DH racing pursuits, film projects, and illustrious career of throwing some of the world’s whippiest whips has never been a Gamble for Scott. Fairclough’s high-Voltage riding has electrified the mountain bike world for years.

As one of the most versatile and passionate riders of our time, Brendan Sparks a fire in all of us to get out and try sending it as hard as he has been for over a decade. Every Aspect of Fairclough’s riding is inspirational, and we look forward to seeing his riding continue to tip the Scale.

After all this time, some might think Scott is holding Fairclough for Ransom, but the rider shows no signs of distress.

“This company has outdone itself constantly moving forward and in my opinion building the best, sexiest bikes on the planet. Super proud and excited to continue my relationship with the SCOTT Family for another three years. We have more big projects in store for you, cant wait!,” exclaimed Fairclough.

Neither can we.

To celebrate, Scott put together a collection to show some of the best of Brendan Fairclough.