Maxxis Introduces the Gen 2 Shorty Mid-Spike Tire

Efficiency schmefficiency

The Maxxis Shorty is a pretty iconic tire. But you don’t see them that often. The DHFs, DHRs and more lately the Rekons and Assegais are more versatile. But versatility shouldn’t always be the ultimate goal. Sometimes you don’t need to do a decent job at everything if you can do a great job at one thing. The Shorty is purpose-built for wet and sloppy conditions or soft, deep dry pow.

The new design ditches the double-wide paddle center knob and splits it into two. It also further reinforces the side knobs and modifies the siping for better braking traction. It’s also built around a narrower carcass, available only in a 2.4-inch width. That follows the pendulum swinging back away from the wide-as-possible movement that came with the arrival of 2.6-inch tires. It’s a deliberate choice that matches the aggressive aim of the new Shorty, and that’s clear in the casings available.

It would have been nice to see the MaxxGrip compound on an EXO casing for those who aren’t necessarily smashing through wet and sloppy trails, but again, this is a purpose-built tire for some of the most intense conditions on earth. Maxxis also dropped a quick edit to inspire you to go out and get muddy. Find it here.

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