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Kamloops’ Relentlessly Passionate Trail Builders – Video

"Most of the time it's a lot more sideways than straight with them."

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In Kamloops, British Columbia, some of the most influential mountain bikers you’ve never heard of are on a quest to build the perfect lap. The likes of Ron Penney, Brad Stuart, Luke Beers, Eric Simmons, and Krystina Green–who together make up Landmark Trailworks–have the combined experience of decades of moving dirt, and their expertise and influence has helped shape lines far beyond Kamloops itself.

They’re passionate, genuine, committed, welcoming people, and rippers on bikes. You’ve seen their sculptures in many of the raddest films of the last 25 years. And as the above video will tell you pretty darn quickly, they’re an entertaining bunch, and things never get too serious.

Photo: Dylan Sherrard

But don’t just listen to us. Here’s what a handful of other folks, whose names you may have heard, have to say:

“Having ridden and worked with Brad, Ron, Luke, and Rico individually for years, the news that they were teaming up to form a trail building super group was exciting. The collective potential that this group of shredders and progressive builders possess seemed endless. Only one year later and everything that they have put the Landmark name on has surpassed expectations. Their skill and experience as riders shine through in their building, every corner and feature connected seamlessly to create the best experience possible. Whether you have ridden one of their creations or seen them in your favorite mountain bike film, there’s a pretty good chance that the Landmark crew has shaped the way that you’ve seen or experienced mountain biking in some way. Our sport is lucky to have them.” – Thomas Vanderham

kamloops trial builder brad Stuart
Brad Stuart. 

“I could go on about how much of a beast Brad is when it comes to trail building, but what always stood out to me was his building style. Brad can be very creative when it comes to working in difficult environments, there’s been building techniques I’ve seen him use that I would never think of trying, but with many hours invested in his craft, he’s discovered these hacks which always impressed me. And It’s people like Ron who help carry our sport. Not only has he built trails for his local community, but he’s also created a MTB paradise to share with his friends. This compound in particular has helped push the progression of the sport countless times and Ron is probably the gnarliest and most core dude to step foot there still.” – Brandon Semenuk

kamloops trail

“Here’s an example of a thought process, most people vs. Landmark. Most people finish riding a trail and think, ‘Holy shit that was amazing, best day ever, I’m so stoked.’ But to these guys it’s, ‘Holy shit that was amazing, almost the best day ever, imagine how stoked everyone would be if I steepened up that corner, rerouted that section, put a roller before that turn, and added 2 feet to the last jump?’ I’ve met many builders who have done bike pilgrimages to Kamloops, and applied the learnings to their own builds. This indirect sharing of knowledge and techniques is the most exciting aspect to me. It’s wizardry performed with a shovel and rake.” – Matt Hunter

Krystina Green 
kamloops trail riding

“They see the best in the sport, and in their friends, and they manifest that vision with an unapologetic confidence that’s very uncommon in our world. They care about you, and your ride. Nobody isn’t cool enough, and nobody isn’t good enough. Everyone is invited to experience these highs. And with not only the terrain, but also the vibe that the Landmark Crew injects into mountain biking, the core culture and image of mountain biking is shining bright and beautiful.” – Dylan Sherrard

Ron Penney. 
kamloops mtb jump

“Very few heavy hitters fly this low under the radar. Some of the biggest, baddest moves in the industry have been created by these dudes. Visionaries that understand and harness the flow we are all looking for.” – Curtis Robinson

Luke Beers. 
Kamloops mountain biking

“My nephew Eric ‘Rico’ Simmons is an amazing, humble young man. He makes me so proud with the contributions he has already made to this amazing sport. I’d like to think I had something to do with his fluid style, and his quiet, confident, mastery of the bike, but he has definitely carved his own path. And now, using his keen eye for fun, challenging, and inventive lines, he creates progressive mountain bike awesomeness for many to enjoy. I know first-hand, because I’m one of those riders woohoo’in soaring through the air at Sun Peaks, or Harper Mountain, or any other epicness he has had a hand in. Keep it up Eric!” – Wade Simmons

‘Rico’ Simmons.

Cheers to this crew of dedicated Kamloops diggers, and all other trail builders out there. Thanks to you, we’re so much closer to the perfect lap.

Photos: Dylan Sherrard