Fingerscrossed Full-Suspension BMX Bikes to be Available in One Year – Video

Barely a year after the world learned about the project, we finally know when we'll be able to ride one

It’s been almost exactly one year since we saw the last official update video from Fingerscrossed BMX, the experiment-turned-bike-brand from Spanish 20-inch legend, Ruben Alcantara. The concept started way back in 2007 when Alcantara took a trip to Whistler Bike Park and learned how much fun it can be to jump a bike with a little bigger tires, a little more forgiving geometry, and, of course, a little bit of suspension.

But Alcantara didn’t want to stray from his BMX roots, so he, along with fellow legend, Garret Byrnes pieced together a full-suspension 20-inch BMX bike with an aluminum race frame and some parts from bikes of the the Terrible One brand he’s had a relationship with for several years. The video that announced the project to the world was released in January 2020, and it captures how uncharted this territory is. The bike was welded in a bike shop in Malaga, used a cross-country rear shock and modified a 26-inch dirt jumper fork to fit smaller wheels. The whole thing was a little sketchy, hence the name Fingerscrossed.

The bikes have gotten steadily more polished-looking as time has gone on, but it has been slow going. In fact, another BMX brand, Wethepeople, released to its dealers that it would be introducing its own full-suspension BMX bike, but there was a swift backlash from the BMX community against a more established brand fast-tracking Alcantara’s idea to production. So, Wethepeople agreed to pause their efforts until Fingerscrossed could get off the ground. Today, for the first time, Ruben Alcantara himself has given us an idea of when that might be.

“It’s gonna take about a year, so you guys are gonna have to be patient. But not so patient because we’re gonna do tours all around the world with bikes for you to ride.”

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