Dream Builds: Commencal Meta TR 29

A shiny object made up of other, smaller shiny objects

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For most of us here at Beta, choosing the parts for our Dream Builds was a surprisingly easy process. There’s an endless world of options out there, but once you have a vision, everything kinda falls into place. We have a goal in mind, and we’re familiar enough with that endless world of options that we know immediately which rear shock will achieve that goal. Or which tires or which handlebar. But the thing is, the bike we end up with on the other side is often a bit of a mess. You buy a bike out of the box, and the carpet will match the drapes, as you might say. But we’re spending all this time getting custom stickers, black spoke nipples, or the XO1 group with the red accents, not the gray accents. It takes some effort to make a Dream Build look like all of its pieces belong together.

And then, there’s Anthony Smith’s Commencal Meta TR. Beta’s photo director put together this mirrored masterpiece to represent the ultimate in high-impact mid-travel fun, and it looks like it was carved out of platinum. No stickers, no accents, just raw, polished perfection. Not all dreams have to be in color.

And of course, Ryan Palmer was there to make it into a reality. Palmer’s workshop, as always, is as carefully thought-out, painstakingly organized, and as full of Apple products as a Genius Bar. If you borrow a 4mm, make sure you put it back.

Photos and video: Satchel Cronk

Fun fact: Palmer had a spinal disc herniation the day before our window to shoot this build was about to pass. You can hardly tell he was in terrible pain the whole time.

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